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About the Artist

Robert Wallis is an artist, educator, and handmade bookmaker. He works with traditional film, alternative process, and digital photography in several genres, ranging from 19th-century photo processes and symbolism to hyper-realism digital methods. He enjoys creating droll, social satire pictures with commentary utilizing the iconic figures of GI Joe, Ken, and Barbie. Robert also enjoys working with mixed media, using his images and his poetry together in a synergistic fashion.

He's had a passion for photography ever since he was 10 years old — after helping his aunt, who was a professional photographer, produce prints in a darkroom. He loved seeing the magic of the images come to life and was instantly hooked. He then started reading photography books and eventually went to school for his Master's Degree in Art to specialize in the art. He's been active in the industry since the 1950s and is currently represented by the CCA Gallery in Caramel, Indiana.


Robert is a graduate of Purdue University and has a graduate degree from Oakland City University. He studied art at the Herron School of Art, Indiana University, and did graduate work at Ball State University in art. He taught photography at Indianapolis Free University and the Indianapolis Arts Center, and he has been active at juried art festivals since 1988.