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Discover Something New in Modern
& Abstract Photography

Robert works with the simplest movements and style and loves to take pictures wherever he goes — you'll never find him without his camera. His modern photography incorporates a certain vibrancy of form, texture, color, and line in architectural and urban landscapes. They feature a kind of abstraction that takes the cliché of doors and windows beyond the warm and fuzzy. Instead, they look to bring out the character and aura of well-used purpose and combine them with human involvement. Each piece he creates is one-of-a-kind and, some even say, spiritually moving.

Robert's style of photography frequently bounces back and forth between 19th- and 20th-century art, but incorporates a contemporary feel. He uses both traditional 35mm film as well as digital formats to achieve the best results possible. There is also a body of our work he creates that "bends" the genre of photography — he combines poetry into his images in a synergistic way. Prices of his pieces depend on the size of the prints, but they typically go for $35.00 to $500.00. Contact him for more information.

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